Hi I’m Annette the owner and founder of Cheeky Cheesecakes.


Thought you would like to know a little about me and how Cheeky Cheesecakes begun


Ok I’ll admit it. I love cheesecake. Love anything thats pretty and baked. Actually, Even anything pretty, or come to think of it, anything baked.


This blog will be great place to share my enthusiasm for and experiences with baking and caking, as well as dessert recipes, photos, ideas, and other delights I may come across.It means a lot to me to have this outlet to share my passions.


I’m passionate about the art of baking,travelling,writing (this is relatively new) good coffee, red wine and a great book. I’m a bit of a go getter my moto ‘If you don’t go you never know’.


Growing up in a family that loves baking. Even the Recipe disasters in the kitchen with my sister. Lots of fun.


It wasn’t, though, until I was made redundant that I used my love of baking to my advantage and thought to make a little pocket money, not realising the positive outcome today with Cheeky Cheesecakes.  This is simply what I’m meant to do. I love my Job!


I come from a European background. My dad (A great funny man) is from England and my mum (sweet, with a heart of gold) is German.  German Baking especially Cheesecake Yummy!


I live north of Adelaide, with my husband, Troy, and our two gorgeous cheesecakettes, Amber and Lana. They are the icing to my cake, and they make me laugh—a lot. Surrounded by girls, Troy is definitely out-numbered, but he doesn’t seem to mind and is yet to complain about the colour pink.


Cheek Kiss xx


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